Stimex Engineering Group offers modern equipment produced by world leaders. Manufacturer warranty is given by the producer. Maintenance service is provided by highly qualified specialists of the Company who received training at manufacturing companies.

Equipment for steam and condensate systems Spirax Sarco Inc.

100 years’ experience of successful work in steam and condensate applying in various branches of industry ensures You:

  • Equipment developed and produced for specific application
  • Expert consultation when choosing equipment
  • The best solution for Your production
  • Increase in profits through improvement in the productivity and cost saving

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Innovative horse fittings AKO Armaturen & Separationstechnik GmbH

Hose fittings are perfect solution for partition and flow control of abradant, corrosive and non-homogenous atmospheres. For this very reason hose fittings find ever-growing use in the function of locking and regulating devices for dispersoid solutions, residuals, dusty gaseous atmospheres, compressed air,dust, granulated materials, pellets and etc.

Two types of hose fittings are recognised:

  • Pinch tube valves are kicked into action directly by powering medium (pressure gas or liquid)
  • Pinch tube valves are kicked into the action with the use of motive power moved by powering medium and also with the use of mechanical device controlled straightfoward over rubbery pipe nippel (hose)

Pinch tube valves | Hose regulating valves with mechanical drive | Hoses for pinch tube valves | Knife gate valve | Cross valves | Phase separator | Implements