We don’t just sell equipment but also help our clients develop their business. Thus, to ensure the correct and quick installation of the equipment purchased by you within the shortest period and its subsequent trouble-free operation, we offer our assistance: installation supervision in the course of mounting, technical consultations and control over pre-commissioning activities. Our specialists will work closely with your team to avoid common errors in the course of mounting and commissioning.

Advantages for your business:

  • Quick implementation of the project – reduction of installation costs.
  • Cost reduction – reduction of equipment downtime.
  • Mitigation of risks – work is performed under supervision of experienced experts.
  • РSustainable utilization of human resources – your employees with not be distracted from their key functions to works which can be carried out by us.
  • Qualitative execution of works – we carry out all necessary inspections of the installation quality.

We have implemented a number of successful projects in Ukraine thanks to cooperation on the installation supervision issues.



Severe errors are often made in the course of installation. They result in big energy losses, operational losses and pose risks to the staff who will work with this equipment.

That is why our company has its own installation divisionwhich:

  • Continuously passes trainings on the current technical solutions which are introduces by engineers of our company.
  • Preliminary studies the technical solution scheme contacting with the manager of such a solution (for example, SpiraxSarco engineer).
  • Is familiar with the equipment which we supply to plants: its intended purpose, installation requirements.
  • Is equipped with qualitative up-to-date facilities necessary for mounting works.

Carrying out qualitative and quick equipment installation with the installation personnel at the enterprises of Ukraine  has ensured consistent and reliable operation of the industrial system.