Inspection of industrial systems

Energy audit of the manufaturing enterprise is one of the most important activities on:

  • increasing the competitiveness;
  • evaluating the possible level of energy saving and volumes of the potential saving;
  • determining the technical condition of the energy and resource provision system.

The primary goal of the industrial system energy audit (steam-and-condensate system, etc.) is the technical and economic optimisation of the system, and the primary task is to save funds of the enterprise by means of energy saving.

Many enterprises face the problem of losing heat energy resulting predominantly from the improper arrangement of the steam-and-condensate system from the boiler house on down to the steam-consuming equipment and condensed steam withdrawal and return to the boiler house. These direct energy losses often can be visually observed on the steam column emitted to the atmosphere from the pipe of the condensate reservoir, deaerator or other place.

Experience of our company in carrying out energy audits and results of implemented solutions on numerous enterprises show that the efficiency of suggested energy saving activities averages 30% of the total volume of consumed energy resources, the pay-back period of the reconstruction does not exceed 1 year within the permanent operation. This fact demonstrates the practicability of examinining the industrial system and detecting possible saving points.

Stimex Engineering Group has professional engineers who specialize in carrying out energy audits of steam-and-condensate systems and pneumatic conveyor and product dosing systems. Our engineers cooperate with enterprises not “virtually” but directly contacting with technical professionals at plants.

The inspection of the steam-and-condensate system of the enterprise includes:

  • preliminary examination of the current schemes and familiarization with the system;
  • inspection of the boiler house steam unit (boiler, systems of the boiler blowdown and its utilization, deaerator, steam recording systems, etc.);
  • inspection of main lines and collectors;
  • inspection of each steam-consuming equipment separately: system of the steam supply to the equipment and condensed steam withdrawal, checking the operation of condensate pots;
  • inspection of the system of the condensed steam return to the boiler house.

Carrying out the energy audit is accompanied with the accurate measurements with specific tools such as pyrometer, contact thermometer, ultrasonic sound meter-detector to check the condensate pot operation, infrared image converter and other.





Upon the inspection results, we provide the client with the inspection report which includes:

  • Description of the current industrial scheme system
  • List of existing problems with recorded results of measures performed with specialized tools
  • Calculation of energy losses due to the detected problems and the list and justification of all other consequences
  • Description of the technological solution on the elimination of the current problems and energy losses, including the developed graphical scheme
  • Calculation of the reconstruction pay-back period
  • Presentation of the suggested solution
  • Schedule of the reconstruction implementation

We can get down to the next cooperation stages based on the detailed energy audit of the industrial system. Being familiarized with your industrial system, we become non-staff heating engineers. It enables you promptly solve the current problems even if there are no specialists in this sphere at the enterprise.

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