Service maintenance

Our cooperation with the client does not end with the installation and pre-commissioning of equipment. The technical specification of each position of SpiraxSarco and АКО contains the clear list of recommended maintenance measures and activities. Well-timed service maintenance of the equipment results in the lifetime extension and avoiding unexpected expenditures for its replacement.

It is often a difficult task to ensure such an equipment maintenance with the enterprise resources. That is why Stimex Engineering Group offers service maintenance of the equipment of steam-and-condensate system and pneumatic conveyors on your enterprise.

We offer different variants of the service maintenance according to your choice – from the common inspection of the system and providing the list of services measures (which can be taken by you) to the the comprehensive service maintenance within which our service engineer will regularly check your equipment, maintain it and replace defective components.

The service maintenance equipment may include the following equipment:

  • Equipment in the boiler house
  • Flow meters
  • Equipment of controlling systems
  • Monitoring of condensate extractors
  • Package units, heat supply stations
  • Setting of the equipment
  • Reparations in the course of shutoffs
  • Warranty repair

Advantages for your business:

  • Reduction the number of breakdowns and down-time.
  • Regular preventive and technical maintenance results in the reduction of costs.
  • Support of the highly efficient operation of the steam-and-condensate and other industrial systems.
  • Prevention of direct energy losses which may be caused by the equipment failure and delay in its reparation.
  • Continuous monitoring of the industrial system and clear report on its operation that enables drawing up an exact plan with regard to the equipment condition.